Corporate Experience


Activate, control & budget your mobile workforce abroad in a few clicks:

  • Set up your corporate account.
  • Set manually or automatically your mobile users.
  • Provide limits and authorization for each user.
  • Provide one GlobalRoaming SIM or Micro SIM Card per user.
  • Each user gets a unique username and password.
  • Set up your hosted intranet user-rescue webpage

After this simple actions, you are ready to control your users abroad:

  • Follow up each user's usage around the world.
  • Increase usage limit.
  • Delete or modify users.
  • Assign GlobalRoaming SIM Card to other users.

Accounting report will allow you to:

  • Review and download your CDR for internal management and analytic purposes.
  • Manage budget by user, group, department and country.
  • One worldwide single currency.
  • More information.

Mobile Employee Experience

This is what each user gets from the Corporate Manager

  • One GlobalRoaming SIM or Micro SIM Card.
  • One username, password and a worldwide APN
  • Each user gets its own usage limit.

With those credentials, the user can connect on the move to the worldwide 3G network in 120 countries under secured VPN tunnel without VPN client.

If the user reachs its limits, it will be automatically redirected to the hosted Corporate rescue webpage and will need to follow up Corporate instructions to request more usage.

Alternatively, the user is able, with the same credential, to connect to the 180.000 GlobalRoaming WiFi Hotspot Network to offload its 3G usage.

The Mobile Employee Portal Authorization is managed by the Corporate Administrator to allow users to:

  • Watch and control its own usage.
  • Change its password.
  • Update its own information.