Corporate Hosted Mobility Services

The GlobalRoaming hosted mobility hosted services offers three options to provision and manage enduser SECUREkey devices and credentials:


Batch Employees Provisioning


The Batch Client Provisioning Tool enables administrators to create multiple SECUREkey records at one time and activate multiple users. It is especially useful when setting up a new system since a large number of device records can be enabled in one step.

Create subaccounts in a few clicks. Account list can be provided in Excel or CSV format for batch import. We can also provide specific API’s and tools for account creation

Manage all your users online. You can search, edit, activate, block and control your users live. All actions are directly applied to our international authentication system. You can create a user and give access to him/her in a click. In less than a minutes the new user can connect to the Internet from 167 countries.

Your account summary is updated daily, you can view your actual balance, account position, and service status. You can also edit your account information such as technical and billing managers names, addresses...

  • End-user activation/hold/deletion.
  • End-user group/department/budget.
  • Check end-user status.
  • Modify end-user password.
  • Modify end-user authorization.
  • SECUREkey activation/hold/reassignment/terminate.


Mobile Employees Management

The Web-based SECUREkey Mobility Employees Management Portal supports administrative functions for managing all your GlobalRoaming connectivity around the world, including their access privileges, the SECUREkey devices, localization, usage and system transactions. It allows you to create or update GlobalRoaming SECUREkey records, link the records to the end-user, and activate the device or the endusers live with a click:

  • End-user add/hold/delete.
  • SECUREkey add/hold/terminate/reassign.
  • Modify end-user information/password.
  • Set and modify end-user usage limits.
  • Control the user's usage and localization.
  • Summary by end-user/group/SECUREkey.
  • Monitor connection errors.
  • Monitor user localization.


Real Time Provisioning

Real Time Provisioning over 220 carriers worldwide, is a fast and convenient way to activate new employees or re-use an existing SECUREkey for GlobalRoaming users. Using a GlobalRoaming SECUREkey and the real time provisioning feature, administrators can activate a SECUREkey, end-user account, save it on the hosted SECUREkey portal, and securely manage the information, authentication, authorization and accounting immediately.

  • SECUREkey activate/hold/reassign/terminate.
  • Modify user status add/hold/delete/reactivate.
  • End-user group add/remove/modify.
  • Modify usage limit.
  • Modify user password.
  • Powerful policy and rules management.


Mobile Employees Capability

The end-user portal support end-user access to specific functions and daily usage that are authorized by the corporate account manager. This feature allows employees to manage routine tasks through a robust and secure self-service portal, where they can update their password, control usage and update information

  • Change password.
  • Request usage limit update.
  • Control current usage.
  • Update certain account information.


Billing and Cost Control

A daily report for each end-user can be uploaded into the administrators own management system. The SECUREkey billing interface allows you live monitoring of each connection and usage made by each end-user. Should the limit be exceeded, the end-user will be redirected to the chosen customer administration web page without disconnection in order to add funds or to request for extra authorization. The batch CDR download facility will allow you to integrate the SECUREkey usage easily into your own accounting, statistics, analytics and billing system.

Call Detail Records (CDR):

Daily access to your CDR that include username, location, connection type, timestamp, duration and cost. CDR can be viewed online and / or downloaded in Excel or CSV format.