GlobalRoaming Corporate Mobility Overview

For a dynamic corporation to function in a global environment, seamless communication is a must.


Connecting on the move these days means two things: 3G broadband internet access and wireless fidelity or WiFi. At GlobalRoaming, not only do we provide an encrypted and secure 3G broadband service (our specialty), we can also provide WiFi access in over 130 countries with 180,000 WiFi hotspots to choose from.

This means that whether you are at an airport or in a taxi going to a meeting, you are still able to connect. Once at your client’s (or your competitor’s) office, your 3G connection will mean all your online communication is encrypted, safe and secure.

3G broadband and WiFi access are perfect partners as 3G is billed according to file sizes and WiFi is billed according to usage per minute. Having the two will not only enable you to have two of the most powerful tools to connect worldwide, but it will also give you a choice for cost control.

Roaming Cost Control at Your Fingertips


To bring roaming costs formly under control, you need to be able to manage users and the services used. On average, companies spend over US$120 per month for each mobile employee, with costs expected to rise as more bandwidth is required and more applications needed per employee.

The GlobalRoaming platform can be adapted to your company’s needs and specifcations. Even though we offer a large variety of communication services, we understand that not everything is needed for each company. You have the ability to select the services you require.

You can decide which users can have certain access, what communication tools you would like to be made available, set a budget for each individual, connect or disconnect certain users, monitor and view their online time, place of access, and what communication tool they used.

Our sophisticated platform also means you can be set up with minimal fuss and in a short lead time. We have done all the necessary ground work for you to be up and running in no time. After which, we will provide you with the support that you need, but the aim is for you to have autonomy and control over your company’s global roaming spending and access as soon as possible.

Take control of your roaming costs whether you have 5 or 50,000 employees

Hosted GlobalRoaming Corporate Mobility Services

Take control of your roaming costs with the GlobalRoaming portfolio of corporate mobility services and the GlobalRoaming corporate mobility platform:

  • Gain independence to control costs in accordance with your company’s budget and policies.
  • Manage and contain roaming costs by selecting the most cost effcient methods.
  • Decrease support cost for end users.
  • Reduce running cost and administrative burdens.

It does not matter what size your company is, the GlobalRoaming solution will deliver a new level of insight and control to drive down expenses and ensure maximum security.

Worldwide Network Access with Dual Core Authentication

Using the SIM card as a removable security module and the user’s credentials against the GlobalRoaming clearing network; the network will interact with your authentication server, RADIUS server, LDAP server to ensure maximum security when the connection is made.

Automatic Client-less Data Traffic Encryption

Once connected, all data traffic is totally protected through an encrypted data tunnel without any VPN client (VPN client-less). A pass through VPN access to your company’s private network can be established and managed. In this case, the GlobalRoaming clearing network will act as a fuse to give additional protection to private and confdential information.

Flexibility in Establishing Your Own Data Traffic Policies and Rules

The advance feature in our GlobalRoaming platform allows corporations large and small to select communication tools and control internet access as per their own policies and rules.