Just one SECUREKey 3G data SIM card is all you need to protect your online information and connect securely worldwide.


The SECUREKey 3G data SIM card protects the network user’s identity and online information locally while providing safe international internet access via our secure 3G mobile broadband network.

This patented technology provides the highest level of online security, confidentiality and privacy for all your online communication. First of all, there is the hard challenge authentication inside the SECUREKey where unique credentials and worldwide APN is required for security measures. Then a two step authentication process is used whereby a unique username and password is required to access the management portal.

The SECUREKey is compatible with most end user 3G enabled devices including the latest iPhone and the iPad and is easy to implement and use. For maximum reliability, GlobalRoaming uses three redundant data centers located in 3 continents to ensure availability at all times. The SECUREKey does not however, support voice calls or SMS as it is strictly dedicated to online data traffc.

All our GlobalRoaming systems are built and designed with the Cisco Systems Solutions – from frewalls, routers, gateways, switches, concentrators and more to provide the most secure online communication experience.

Increase productivity with instant worldwide internet connections and online security for your mobile workforce.


An efficient and effective workforce needs to be able to connect anywhere at any time to communicate. With instant access and online security through our encrypted 3G SECUREKey that will connect you in 120 countries with over 220 carriers, productivity inevitably soars. With a click of a mouse, information will be able to pass smoothly and privately around the globe.

Data security is becoming more and more important and basic protection is no longer enough to protect cyber data. This is why we have developed a strong authentication architecture that will grant or deny end user authorization and access to the internet through our international 3G network.

Once authorization has been given, the end user will be able to access the internet or the company’s intranet. The SECUREKey with its strong authentication server (SAS) can extend and provide multiple authentication factors starting from two levels to five levels by using our unique patented technology.