Corporate Wireless Mobile Broadband Solutions

No matter what business you are in or the size of your company, GlobalRoaming has the solutions just for you with one single point of contact. Aside from our patented 3G SECUREKey broadband SIM card and access to over 180,000 WiFi hotspots worldwide; we also provide Voice over IP, online SMS text messaging, DID numbers for over 60 countries, toll free, ISDN, fax, webmail, dial-up, file back up and more for you to choose from

Benefits for Small Businesses


Manage your mobile employees with one log in. No additional investment and human resources required. The platform is easy to set up with fast implementations.

  • Live cost control, billing and user management.
  • Simple and easy to understand pricing policy.
  • Secure, high speed and reliable.
  • International internet access in seconds.
  • Worldwide coverage in more than 130 countries.
  • Perfect back up in case of mobile device theft, lost or damage.

Benefits for Corporations & Governments

Whether you are a government department, military base, charitable organization or a Fortune 500 corporation, improve work and communication effciency with the flexible GlobalRoaming secure and reliable remote connections.

  • Reduce operating costs with faster and more effcient processes.
  • Low IT resources required.
  • Maximum security with automatic client-less VPN and pass through corporate VPN.
  • Live billing and reporting pin points areas to cut costs.
  • Manage your mobile workers’ usage and spending for effcient cost control.
  • Dual factor authentication for maximum security.
  • Fast, reliable and secure internet access around the globe.
  • Improve productivity and effciency whilst on the move.
  • Fast integration with the GlobalRoaming API.