What you have to do

  • Read through the information we have here for you, and get started by filling in the confidential reseller application form.
  • You purchased your white-label SIM or Micro SIM cards from GlobalRoaming.
  • You open a co-branded GlobalRoaming Reseller Portal under your own logo, where you can track the spending, services used and activities of each of your customers.

What is offered to your customer

  • Worldwide Internet access through 3G mobile broadband, WiFi hotspots, dial-up or toll free and other services you have selected from GlobalRoaming.
  • Their own personal account to track their usage, spending and to add funds. It will be accessible with their own login and password.
  • Each SIM card allows you to download our EasyWiFi Connection Manager available for most platforms: Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, EeePC, etc.
  • As soon as the customer's account is activated by you, he or she can get wireless Internet access or Dial-up or Toll Free connectivity in 130 countries around the world with credit.
  • Details of usage is updated daily. History of usage, invoices and payments are available online at all times.
  • Included is a ticket system for support, user guides and a download area for software.

How the GlobalRoaming Reseller Program works

  • Each SIM card comes with a preset credit amount and a GlobalRoaming account.
  • After registration, the SIM card is activated and can be used.
  • Register the ID and contact information of your customer.
  • Each SIM card must have its own customer account.
  • The customer must change their password the first time they log in to ensure privacy and security.

What customers can do in their account

  • Update their information and change the password.
  • Use funds to purchase any other services you have activated.
  • Customers funds cannot be refunded.

Your commission payments

  • You get a fixed commission on all SIM cards when they are first sold and a commission percentage on all funds added by the customer regardless of what purchases or services he or she uses.
  • GlobalRoaming will handle all charges to and payments from customers.
  • Commission is payable even if customers do not use their funds.
  • If there is a chargeback from the customer, or if the customer cancels their payment, your commission will be deducted.
  • Your commission is paid live by crediting your GlobalRoaming Reseller Account.

We reserve the right to cancel or refuse a customer account if it is not in compliance with our company's rules and policy.