Wholesale GlobalRoaming 3g Mobile Broadband Benefits

Benefits for Corporations

Get flexible, secure and reliable remote connections for your mobile workforce. Improve your field based teams and manage their costs. Make better and more secure use of business data transmissions and make your operations more efficient:

  • Fantastic worldwide wireless secure remote Internet access.
  • Give remote and mobile workers access to essential information.
  • Super fast wireless worldwide Internet on the move.
  • Keep your business connected outside the office, on the move or from remote sites.
  • Increase productivity, get more work done while on the move.
  • Control and cut costs with live billing and low roaming charges.
  • Simple pricing that is clear and easy to understand.
  • Get quick access to all leading providers worldwide with a single contact.
  • Connect in seconds using mobile broadband or WiFi hotspots.
  • Dual authentication gives high level protection and online security.
  • Maximum security with automatic client-less VPN and pass through corporate VPN.
  • Intuitive hosted portal that simplifies management.
  • Reduce operational costs with faster and more efficient processes, low IT resources required, with fast implementation guaranteed.
  • Fully managed services, around the clock support, detailed billing analysis.
  • No capital investment.

Benefits for Organizations, Governments & Military

The 3G International Mobile Broadband Data card can be widely used for security settings and mission critical information while on the move. From embassy to temporary office space, as well as problematic wiring areas such as construction sites, oil fields, military sites and operations in remote areas.

  • Global coverage in remote areas.
  • Efficient backup for critical mission access.
  • Connect users on the move worldwide.
  • Built in security access through automatic client-less VPN.
  • Reliable service with secured data transmissions.
  • Dual factor authentication.
  • Powerful policies and rules management.
  • Centralized usage and localization tracking.
  • Rely on our team’s 10 years experienced.
  • The GlobalRoaming easy and powerful API allows fast integration.
  • Low IT resources.
  • No capital investment.
  • Can be privately branded.

Benefits for Network Operators

Cost effective approach from network design and implementation to technical support, billing and management reports.

  • Off-load data traffic onto WiFi hotspots or other data networks.
  • Connect worldwide users on the move in remote areas.
  • Rely on our team’s 10 years experience.
  • Shorten your time to market: almost no investments or resources needed.
  • Start working to market with these innovative and efficient services so you can;
    • Support your service model.
    • Maximize profitability.
    • Attract new customers and satisfy old customers.
    • Deliver service with a high consumer appeal.
  • Reduce support costs.
  • The GlobalRoaming easy and powerful API allows fast integration.
  • Reliable service with secured data transmissions.
  • Can be privately branded.
  • No capital investment.

Benefits for Mobile Broadband, WiFi Device Manufacturers and M2M Data Services

Use our network to empower your products if you want to deliver high performance M2M applications to your customer. With the Global Roaming M2M service, you can provide worldwide coverage and secure access.

  • Get the missing networks and ensure worldwide connectivity from a single point of contact.
  • GlobalRoaming offers maximum coverage and availability on the go.
  • Easy implementation for user, device and usage management control.
  • Built in security access through automatic clientless VPN client-less.
  • Reliable service, multiple network backup connectivity.
  • Private branding available
  • Security and surveillance.
  • Fleet and assets management.
  • Metering and monitoring