Wholesale GlobalRoaming 3G mobile broadband features

White label


The GlobalRoaming International Data SIM Card is delivered under a White Label that allows you to personalize the SIM and create your own private brand. The SIM can also be delivered directly personalized upon your requests and standards.

Each card comes with its own PIN, PUK and a unique worldwide APN.

In order to connect, each user needs a unique user name and password that is provisioned by you or hosted in the GlobalRoaming Clearing Network.

If you choose additionally to provide access to our worldwide WiFi hotspot network, to off-load mobile broadband data traffic and to optimize download and heavy traffic, the same user settings are used to make the user experience easy, flexible and convenient.

Coverage and compatibility

The GlobalRoaming International Data SIM Card is suitable for any 3G enabled Internet mobile device, 3G modem and M2M data traffic.

  • Device: PC, Mac, iPhone, Blackberry, smartphone, notebook, portable, EeePc...
  • OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Symbian...
  • Modem: Nokia, Sierra Wireless, Option, Huawei...

The International GlobalRoaming Data SIM Card covers 120 countries. Due to the fact that some countries have a different frequency standard, we recommend a quad band device to ensure connectivity worldwide.

  • 3G UMTS at 2100 MHz for EMEA markets.
  • GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 MHz for worldwide markets.

The GlobalRoaming SIM Card does not allow incoming or outgoing voice calls or SMS as it strictly dedicated to secure data traffic.


Security and confidentiality

User expectations for instant communication and ease of use, as well as terminals which are easily lost or stolen, present a number of unique challenges in the mobile environment. GlobalRoaming uses a dual redundant data center located in 2 continents to ensure maximum reliability and availability. All systems are built and designed with Cisco Systems solutions from firewalls, routers, gateways, switches, concentrators...

Worldwide access with dual factor authentication

The GlobalRoaming Dual Authentication Policy ensures a maximum security when the connection is made, using the SIM as a removable security module and the users credentials against the GlobalRoaming Clearing Network and your authentification server, RADIUS, LDAP...

Automatic clientless data traffic encryption

Once connected all data traffic is (locally) completely protected through an encrypted data tunnel without any VPN client (VPN client-less). A pass-through VPN access to your company´s or organization´s private network can be established and managed. In that case, the GlobalRoaming Clearing Network acts as fuse to give additional protection to critical informations

Data traffic policies & rules flexibility

This advanced feature allows large organizations and corporates to control the content and access to the information through the worldwide mobile broadband network. You can build your own global connection policies and rules to control your users, you decide if you allow mobile users to use VoIP, Instant messaging, Internet, etc...

Price and billing

Easy-to-understand prices: It's important to make sure your pricing policy does not confuse or mislead your customers and to make your back office as simple and effective as possible. To achieve that, GlobalRoaming has split the worldwide mobile broadband network carriers into two zones, the charges are flat per 100KB of uploaded and downloaded data.