The securekey device

The GlobalRoaming securekey protects the network users’ identities and provides access to the international 3G mobile broadband network by performing from 2 to 5 hard and soft authentication factors.

The GlobalRoaming securekey patented technology ensures the highest security, privacy and confidentiality level to access critical information while traveling.

The GlobalRoaming International securekey device is delivered under a white label that allows personalization under your own brand upon your requests and standards.

The securekey comes with it´s own unique credentials and worldwide APN that is used as a hard challenge authentication.

In order to complete the authentication process a soft authentication challenge requires each user to provide a unique user name and password that is provisioned by you. It can be hosted in the GlobalRoaming SAS or hosted directly in your own RADIUS.

The securekey is supported by almost all families of end-user 3G enabled device. This capability enables issuers to provide end-users secure access with the most appropriate connection device you already provesioned. This simple feature will allow to provide secure access to the international 3G network under a high level of security requirements while maintaining full compatibility on the backend with a minimum on investment, human resources and implementation time.


securekey SAS (Strong Authentication Server)

It is easily adapted to existing network architectures and features customer care and self-service interfaces for managing end-users, the securekey device and accounts. Using standard frameworks and protocols such as HTTP/HTTPS and RADIUS, authentication architecture operates with existing data servers to maintain and update information needed for user authentication.

The GlobalRoaming securekey SAS consists of the following components:

  • Authentication server that performs hard and soft from 2 to 5 authentication factors for end-user validation.
  • Rules and policy server that controls the access privileges and authorizations.
  • A billing server that provides standard CDRs and live usage control.
  • A customer care interface for administrators to manage end-users, Securekeys, authentication policies, roles, users, and other functions.
  • A User care interface that enables end-users to register and manage their password, account information and usage.