Security, privacy and confidentiality without boundaries

Global access to worldwide 3G mobile broadband networks with live cost control and management

3G mobile broadband connectivity has become one of the most flexible and effective mainstream methods for staying in touch while on the move.


Increase productivity, network performance and availability knowing that with the GlobalRoaming 3G mobile broadband data access, your online information is encrypted and protected wherever you are in the world.

The GlobalRoaming securekey is not only a sophisticated strong authentication platform but it also allows you, as soon as authenticated, to be connected securely to our international 3G mobile broadband network in 110 countries with precise cost control.

The GlobalRoaming securekey device and the SAS extends the IAS to provide multiple authentication factors starting from 2 up to 5 levels using the innovative GlobalRoaming securekey patented technology.

It forwards authentication requests which are sent to the IAS platform, and from there to the GlobalRoaming securekey SAS server, which verifies the hard validity of the securekey and the soft credential of the end user.

The SAS interacts with the securekey device, the SAS server and the AAA customer server (hosted or not) submitting authentication requests, receiving authentication results, and then granting or denying end-user authorization to access the internet through the international GlobalRoaming 3G mobile broadband network. Once authorized, the end-user can access the internet or the company intranet.

The securekey device

The GlobalRoaming securekey device is a white label SIM card that allows you to do your own branding. This can be done by you when you receive the SIM cards, or by us with your designs and instructions for a fee.


The securekey comes with its own unique credentials and worldwide APN that is used as a hard challenge authentication.

In order to complete the authentication process, a soft authentication challenge requires each user to provide a unique username and password that is specified by you. It can be hosted in the GlobalRoaming SAS or hosted directly in your own RADIUS.

The securekey is supported by almost all families of end-user 3G enabled devices. This capability enables issuers to provide end-users secure access with the most appropiate connection device specified. This simple feature will allow you to provide secure access to the international 3G network under a high level of security requirements, while maintaining full compatibility on the back end with minimal investment, human resources and implementation time.