Wholesale implementation solutions

Non hosted Strong Authentication Server


GlobalRoaming securekey SAS works with multiple operating systems and server configurations so existing infrastructure can be used for enhanced network security, user identity protection and connection on the move.

GlobalRoaming's AAA server fully supports industry's standard protocols for seamless integration with existing architectures that incorporate RADIUS and AAA

These Server Agents extend the existing RADIUS and AAA servers by enabling them to deliver incremental, multifactor authentication from 2 to 5 hard and soft factors. This includes a one time password to provide the most advanced level of user identity protection while connecting to the Internet abroad. The GlobalRoaming securekey SAS server will proxy all AAA attributes to your RADIUS.

On a daily basis the CDRs are available for download in order to be verified with your own system. Your account will have a global usage limit authorization.

VPN tunnel (optional)

GlobalRoaming can bypass the Internet and redirect all traffic from your end-user to your company end-office through a Point to Point VPN tunnel. In that case, your end user will not be visible through the Internet and is totally unknown at the connection location.

SECUREcomm (optional)

GlobalRoaming can deliver any optional locally encrypted communication services to your end-users, International SMS, FAX, VoIP, Mobility Numbers, call back and voice mail.

SECUREfile (optional)

GlobalRoaming can provide locally encrypted and secured file and email backup, push email and contact backup.

Hosted Strong Authentication Server

Customer care

The GlobalRoaming SAS hosted customer care portal offers three options to provision and manage enduser securekey devices and AAA credentials:

Batch client provisioning tool

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The Batch Client Provisioning Tool enables administrators to create multiple securekey records at one time and activate multiple users. It is especially useful when setting up a new system since a large number of device records can be enabled in one step.

  • End-user activation/hold/deletion.
  • End-user group/department/budget.
  • Check end-user status.
  • Modify end-user password.
  • Modify end-user authorization.
  • securekey activation/hold/reassignment/terminate.
  • End-user usage limits set/modify.

Customer care portal

The web based securekey SAS Customer Care Portal supports the administrative functions for managing users, their access privileges, securekey devices, localization, usage and system transactions. It provides the functionality to create or update a GlobalRoaming securekey record, link the record to the end-user, and activate the device and the end-users within a click.

  • End-user add/hold/delete.
  • securekey add/hold/terminate/reassign.
  • Modify end-user information/password.
  • Set and modify end-user usage limits.
  • Control user's usage and localization.
  • Summary by end-user/group/securekey.
  • Monitor connection failures.

Live provisioning

Live Provisioning is a fast and convenient way to personalize a new end-user securekey or re-use an existing securekey for end-users. Using a GlobalRoaming securekey and the Live Provisioning feature, administrators can create a securekey record, end-user account, save it on the hosted securekey server, and securely manage the information immediately.

  • securekey activate/hold/reassign/terminate.
  • Modify user status add/hold/delete/reactivate.
  • End-user group add/remove/modify.
  • Modify usage limit.
  • Modify user password.


The end-user portal is incorporated into the GlobalRoaming securekey Web Hosted Service and can be customized to support end-user access to specific functions and frequent routines. This feature allows them to manage routine tasks through a robust secured self-service portal where they can update their password, control usage and update information.

  • Change password
  • Request usage limit
  • Control current usage
  • Update certain account information

The securekey Hosted Service provides a daily CDR accounting for each enduser that can be automatically uploaded into the administrators own management system.

The securekey billing interface allows you live monitoring of each connection and usage made by each end-user.

The live usage limitation will redirect the end user to the chosen custom administrator web page without disconnection in order to request or to pay for extra authorization. This is provisioned live and allows endusers to continue his or her work with minimum inconvenience, without compromise on cost control. You will always be in control, all over the world, when it comes to the usage and localization of your end-user. The batch CDR download facility will allow you to integrate the securekey usage easily into your own accounting, statistics, analytics and billing system.