Corporate Worldwide Mobility

As more and more corporations grow in global presence, the need to communicate and stay connected whilst abroad becomes ever more important. The need to do it securely and confidentially even more so.

GlobalRoaming offers corporate solutions that will ensure online security and privacy via their high speed 3G broadband access, and a management portal to manage roaming costs and user access. Other communication tools are also available upon request.

  • Fully hosted solution.
  • Live cost control.
  • Single currency billing.
  • Intranet employee rescue.
  • Minimal investment.
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  • Secure global Internet access in 130 countries with 220 carriers.
  • Access to 180.000 WiFi hotspots in 130 countries to offload 3G.
  • Instant clientless tunnel for maximum security.
  • Compatible with most devices and platforms: iPad, Smartphone, notebook, tablet and more...
  • Single point of contact.
  • Portal can be used for 5 to 50,000 employees.

Wholesale Mobility Program

GlobalRoaming SECUREkey Strong Authentication Server (SAS) works with multiple operating systems and multiple configurations so existing infrastructure can be used for enhanced network security, user identity protection and connection on the move.

The GlobalRoaming SECUREkey SAS server will proxy all AAA attributes to your RADIUS.

CDRs can be downloaded on a daily basis so that you can verify the information with your own system.

VPN tunnel

GlobalRoaming can bypass the Internet and redirect all traffic from your end-user to your company end-office through a Point-to-Point VPN tunnel.


GlobalRoaming can deliver any optional locally encrypted communication services to your end-users including International SMS, WiFi, FAX, VoIP, DID Numbers, call back and voice mail.


GlobalRoaming can provide locally encrypted and secure file and email backup, push email and contact backup.

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Reseller Mobility Program

For the past ten years we have been connecting people all over the world. Now you can do the same with our white label worldwide data access, and provide internet connectivity to your customers in more than 130 countries.

GlobalRoaming offers a sustainable multi-platform and multi-device global data solution to your customers, which will enable your business to grow with fixed and recurring income over time.

We have designed the system in such a way that you will be up and running in no time at all. There is no complex software management, no set up investment and no additional technical personnel required.

The point and click management portal is user friendly, easy to set up and even easier to use.

You can choose as many or as little communication tools to offer your customers, or you can add one or more as your business grows. The system is flexible and built to suit your business plan and your customers' requirements.

  • Global 3G mobile broadband SIM & Micro SIM card.
  • Global 180.000 WiFi hotspot access.
  • Multi-platform WiFi connection manager.
  • Global dial-up and toll free access.
  • Global ISDN and PHS internet access.
  • International global email SMTP server.
  • Secured Web Mail & Push Email.

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International Coverage

GlobalRoaming provides wireless services to more than one hundred thousand of users in more than 200 countries since 10 years. Our unique partnership with mobile operators is the key to our quality of service.